WILDCAT  The Wildcat is a member of the Felidae, family of cats. The classification is the Felis group. The Wildcat's fur serve two purposes. One, it is used for camouflage, and secondly for keeping warm in the winter. The main diet consists of squirrels, rabbits, hares and other members of the rodent class. The Wildcat in its habitat is known for its aggressiveness, cunning, quickness, and its ferociousness. It is a known perfect predator, a winning machine, tuned up in the art of hunting and stalking and catching its prey. The Wildcat is known for protecting its habitat. (One type of Wildcat won 36 straight habitat encounters And another went 38-3 and became the King of the Forest). Finally the Wildcat Population is decreasing due to two reasons. One being; that its fur makes an excellent Fur Coat, and secondly; the deforestation; the supply of timber for construction.

Born To Be Wild

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