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Hello Wildcat! I graduated on May 27, 1956 from the Old Calallen High School on Cornett Drive. I attended the "Alamo" Calallen School earlier. This school supported the 1st through the 12 grades. On May, 1952, I graduated from the 8th grade at the oldest Calallen School. I remember it was kinda sad, I only had four more years left with my class-mates.

After graduating, I decided on a U.S. Air Force Career; I stayed for the 20 year duration. During this time, I met and married my Wife Janet in Battle Creek, Michigan, we raised a daughter and son and were a typical Military Family. We were assigned to Germany twice. Radar Systems Repairman was my trade. Military retired at age 39, we went out West and settled in Las Vegas, Nv. Here I used my Air Force Skills and obtained a job in research and development with Hughes Aircraft Company. Worked until age 59, then I accepted early retirement. We moved back to Corpus Christi, and started to attend the CHS School Football Games. Just in time as CHS finally won the Regional Championship games and lost 5 straight times to La Marque at the State Semifinals. Without a doubt, The Calallen Football Coach and Football Staff had created a Team 2nd to none in all of Southwest Texas. And Coach Steve Chapman has taken the Cats' Baseball Team to the Texas State Championship. 1998, What a year for CHS Baseball Team.

Calallen has grown in Acadamics, Athletics and other areas. Just the other day, in the internet, I saw Calallen as the best percentage wise(65%) in sending their graduates to a four year college. This tells me Superintendent Art Almendarez, Principal Michael J. Sandroussi, AD Phil C. Danaher, Curriculum, Sally Defenbaugh, faculty and staff are all doing an outstanding performance at Calallen High School. T-M being 2nd with 60%. I salute you, professionals!

To Calallen High School Administration, Faculty, and Staff, We, the Class of 1956, wish you continued Success, and we, all students, past, present and (future) could not have succeeded in our life's accomplishments without your teaching, counseling, guidance, and professionalism.

I present the "Class of 1956"

Gail AndersonGeorge BatchellerBob BrunerLavada CobbJames CollisSue Davis
Patsy GarrettLarry GatesEdna GibbensAlice HarvilleHarold KendrickDolores Mathis
Tom MillerAnn NemecBilly PaineJanet ReauxTony ReyesMax Rhyne
Harriet RoperClyde SanfordGloria ScottRee ShoeberlienPatsy SmithMack Stallcup
Curtis ThompsonNolan TommeJohnnie WillisHayden WingLouine Zapalac

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Michigan, My Michigan Midi from Laura's Midi Heaven

The Michigan, My Michigan Lyrics

                               Written by Douglas M. Malloch
                               A song to thee, fair State of mine,
                                   Michigan, my Michigan.
                               But greater song than this is thine,
                                   Michigan, my Michigan.
                                 The whisper of the forest tree.
                                 The thunder of the inland sea;
                                 Unite in one grand symphony
                                  Of Michigan, my Michigan
                                  I sing a State of all the best,
                                   Michigan, my Michigan;
                                I sing a State with riches bless'd
                                   Michigan, my Michigan;
                               Thy mines unmask a hidden store,
                                  But richer thy historic lore,
                              More great the love thy builders bore,
                                  O Michigan, my Michigan. 

Photography: Ms Janet Reyes

Web Site Owner, Designer, Administrator, HTML Programmer.: Tony Reyes

Person responsible for request of an Unofficial CHS Homepage: Ms. Nancy Jones; Kingsville, TX.

CHS Athletic Department: Mr. Phil Danaher and Ms. Jean Brown.

Library Dept. Ms. Nancy Shaheen.

1998 Yearbook:Nephew:Chris Quitugua: Where my ideas for Administration and Organization developed.

Best Input: Luann Huntsman; Contributed that Senator Tom Delay
was a 1965 CHS Graduate and that he is the U.S. Senator from Texas District 22.

Counselors and 1999 Graduation program: Mrs. Patricia P. Russell. Thanks to all who contributed suggestions, comments, and ideas. This project is continuing so do continue to send inputs.

Other photos were found in what appears to be public domain. If one of the persons object to his photo being shown, please advise, and it will be removed. cease and desist will prevail immediately.

Finally, Thanks to all who proved that Calallen High School, Students, Alumni Community are second to none, from Corpus Christi to Laredo, Brownsville to Austin, from Houston to McAllen. And this was my goal in creating the CHS Homepage, The same intensity, the same winning attitude and I hope I am accomplishing this goal, I am not done, yet.

Tony Reyes,
CHS Class of 1956.

Webmaster: Tony Reyes: Comments, corrections, suggestions please advise.

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