Class of 1949.
                                       By George Redding

I have misplaced my annual, so I won't see what I can remember, but
that was a few years back.

There were 11 in my class, nine boys, two girls, the boys were, George
Redding, Richard Duncan, Buddy Magee, Jim Bickham, Dilford Atkinson, Frank
Miller, George Kocurek, Charles Miller, Presley Brown, and the two
girls were Lee Fish, Dixie Lee Dove. Buddy Magee, was valedictorian, Jim Bickham, was salutatorian.
I know Richard Duncan, Buddy Magee and Jim Bickham are deceased. Marvin H. Mimms, was our football coach, he is the one that wrote the
fight song for Texas A&M. Buddy Magee, was captain of the football team. Coach Mimms, was also over basketball. I believe our record was 13
wins and
twelve losses. I was captain of the basketball team. Joe Wroten, was superintendent, and Minns was principal. Joe Wroten was over a baseball, I was pitcher, and third baseman. I really cannot remember who all the favorites were, but I believe,
Buddy Magee was voted most's athletic, most popular,
what Frank Miller, the others I cannot remember. Some of the old days, at CHS was good days. I remember when we got
through with football practice, I lived eight miles from school, down
624, I could get in the middle of the road and jog all the way home,
and never see a car. Wilma Magee, taught me, Brenda Redding and Danny Redding. I have four grandchildren, two are attending Texas A&M , one is a
senior, the other is a freshman. I have one grand daughter
graduating from Baytown Sterling next year, and the other grand
daughter is in the sixth grade at Pearland. I retired from Asarco refinery with 30 years service, in 1986. We move to Pearland in July the nineth 1994, we had lived in Calallen
for 44 years. I served four years in the U.S. Navy from 1951 through 54. I will say that I have really enjoyed reading the Web page of CHS.
Keep up the good work. George Redding. Calallen High School Class of 1949