A Short Military Bio.

                                       By Gene Lutz

My name is Gene Lutz, of the Calallen Class of '89.  I was 
browsing the Calallen website and noticed you're looking for
information about former Wildcats from each year. This is my
contribution to your wonderful website.  

I am a Captain in the US Army and I am in the 709th 
Military Police Battalion stationed in Germany.  I have participated
in Operation Enduring Freedom and will be deploying to Operation
Iraqi Freedom later this year.  

After a three year tour of duty enlisted in the 
Air Force, I returned to Texas A&M University-College Station and 
graduated as a member of the Class of '98.  

Upon graduating from A&M and commissioning in the Army I spent three 
years stationed at Fort Hood where I did numerous jobs including
being the Officer In Charge of the Special Reaction Team (SRT). 
Last year I received my Master's Degree from Webster's University
in Missouri while attending the Military Police Officer's Advanced
Course.  Needless to say, I've been a little busy over the past 
few years.  

My wife Melissa, who is also from Corpus Christi, and I have been 
married for eight years and we have three beautiful little girls; 
Hannah, 6 1/2, Adeline, 5, and Victoria, 3.  We also have another 
on the way, due in July (hopefully a boy).  

I am proud to be a Wildcat, proud to be an Aggie, but most of all, 
proud to have the opportunity to serve my country.  I know this is 
probably more information than you wanted but it's just a thumbnail
sketch of the life of just one Wildcat.  I hope it is a helpful
contribution to your website.  

I included a couple of pictures of myself from when I was in charge
of the Fort Hood SRT.  The first one is of me with a helicopter 
pilot who supported our missions in places to remain nameless. We 
were on the ground in between missions.  I'm the one on the right.
The second picture is of me conducting an Australian Rappel during
some training with the team.  


Gene Lutz on the right, on an Army mission.


Austrailian Rappel Training, Gene Lutz scrambling down.

Thanks for maintaining a website that let's us connect with our past a little. Sincerely, Gene Lutz CPT, MP US Army Calallen High School Class of 1989